Flat designing, office, shops, restaurants, bars and other designing

We’ll make décor you’ve dreamt about!

Wise building, full service can’t be done without preliminary work of construction and design specialists.

Professional designers, made many home and office interiors, work for you.

Only professional designer can make smart design project. Any ideas about style, colour must be worked out keeping in mind places duties and clients wishes.

Exactly in design-project you’ll feel style of your home, see it’s form, colour, character. Colour decision is made individually and depends of place’s square, height of ceiling, size of windows and client’s wishes.

Our designers permanently look for and embody untraditional decisions and interesting forms to offer you qualitative and, what’s more important, interesting interior design. Combination of responsible and creative attitude to each Client is usual for our designers.

Our specialists use only newest technologies during architectural projecting and interior designing. Modern computer programmes for projecting and designing allow reaching high quality and precision.

Our collaboration with clients is built, as a rule, in the following way. After first contacts with you (personal meeting, take a look at objects) designer in most cases already has a view of what you want to see in result, gets “technical task” (wanted number of rooms, number of persons, style of interior etc).

Preliminary sketches of interior allow you to take a decision about further works. Then, after signing an Agreement about services (design project) we are starting next phase – projecting. Exactly this phase is the most important and essential part of project. Here we made bases for further works: we work out and admit planning, draw out perspectives, make computer model of interior, choose furniture, covering materials and equipment.

You’ll have possibility to see future flat (office) in scale, “to walk through” virtual place and imagine, how will look this or that detail of interior, is it possible to combine such colours and so on.

We can start to co-ordinate planning project accordingly APT when planning is admitted by Client.

Next phase of works – make working drafts, taking into account furniture, equipment sizes, chosen covering materials. All this – quite prosaic and routine work of making calculations and working out constructive details. In result this looks out as making plans:
- Plan of replanning;
- Plan of wirings and lightning of place;
- Separate elements’ detailing;
- Plan of water supply and sewer system;
- Sanitary engineering plans;
- Floor covering plan;
- Ceiling plans;
- Ceiling elements’ constrictive sketches;
- Image dissection of bricks;
- Space covering plans;
- Colour decisions in 3-d view (with furniture and sanitary engineering).

After concordance with Client plans are send to produce department.

We’d like to make an accent on review after project. During work Client often makes corrections and extra wishes, what change current sizes. Possible are variant of replacing one material with another. In such cases necessary is fast plan correction, what allows removing unpleasant consequences.

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