Produce / Jalousie

Horizontal jalousies are made from aluminium stripes 25 and 16 mm width, with covering steady for sun radiation and temperature changes. Simplicity in tendance and use, fact, that they are set on plastic windows in light space close to glass packet, not taking extra space, is definite advantage of horizontal aluminium jalousies.

Vertical jalousies are made by individual order especially for your windows. Thanks for high quality of materials and rich colour choice they are the best decision to adorn living spaces and offices.

Roll jalousies are beautiful and practical. Their linen is made of special materials with dirt-repellant, antibacterial, antistatic steep. Linen with help of simple and safe mechanism rolls up, making a roll. Roll jalousies wonderfully go with portiere linens. Their use sphere is almost unlimited: roll jalousies are decoration of every place.
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